Chipawo Media

1995 Documentary: “The CHIPAWO Centre at Emerald Hill School for the Deaf”
1995-6 “Welcome to CHIPAWO” – a 13 x 15-minute episode series featuring a family that tells stories and various aspects of CHIPAWO’s activities (Zimbabwe Television)
1995 The “Welcome to CHIPAWO” Christmas Show (Zimbabwe Television)
1996 The “Welcome to CHIPAWO” Christmas Show (Zimbabwe Television) 2 x 30-minute episodes
1997 “Welcome to the World” – nativity dance drama (Zimbabwe Television) 2 x 30-minute episodes
1997 The “Welcome to CHIPAWO” Christmas Show (Zimbabwe Television) 3 x 30-minute episodes
1998 The CHIPAWO Showcase – a variety show of children’s performance (Zimbabwe Television) 4 x 30-minute episodes
1998 “The Spirit of Christmas” – Christmas variety show (Zimbabwe Television) 4 x 30-minute episodes
2003 Christmas in Africa, (Zimbabwe Television) 4 x 25 min. episodes
2004 Vanamurambiwa (The Forgotten Children), television series (Zimbabwe Television), Christmas 4 x 25 min. episodes
2004 Who Needs Aunties?, 35 minute video documentary on the CHIPAWO Kwanatete Camp for girls
2004 Country Cousins, 10 min, video documentary on the Kamedza Disadvantaged Rural Children CHIPAWO Model Centre
2004 Give Us A Chance, 15 min. video documentary on the Handicap and the Girl Child Advocacy Festival
2005 HandSpeak, television series in Sign Language (Zimbabwe Television) 13 x 25 min. episodes
2006 The Gift of Christmas (Zimbabwe Television) 2 x 25 min. episodes
2007 Welcome to CHIPAWO Christmas Show (Zimbabwe Television) 2 x 25 min. episodes
2007-8 Onstage, television series of performances filmed on stage for television (Zimbabwe Television), 48 x 25 min. episodes
2008 In Praise of Africa’s Children, performance based on a poem by Micere Mugo, a Day of the African Child Special (Zimbabwe Television), 1 x 25 min. episode
2008 The Best of Onstage, television series selection of performances filmed on stage for television (Zimbabwe Television), 26 x 25 min. episodes
2008 “Welcome to the World” – revival of nativity dance drama (Zimbabwe Television) 2 x 30-minute episodes
2009- Current ‘Nde’pi Gen’a”, children’s television series (ongoing) (Zimbabwe Television), 26 minute
2009 “Decent Work”, television mini-series in commemoration of the 90th anniversary of the International Labour Organisation, 4 x 10 minute episodes
2009 ‘Sindile’, CHIPAWO Christmas Show (Zimbabwe Television) 50 min.


2013- Jikinya Festival Recording

2013 – Confronting HIV and AIDS from a cultural percepctives Unesco schools Project

2014 – Civil Protection – Production Lighting and Harzads awareness campaign project

2015- Jikinya Dance Festival

2015 – Unesco Project – Confornting HIV and Aids and Culture

2015- Tourism Authority Plays

2015 – 25th Annivesary Africa Charter – ONE Minute Junior Films – Supported By UNICEF

2015-16 Financial management and literacy training though performing arts Documentation

2017 “Christmas with the Legends” CHIPAWO Christmas Show.

2017-2019 Dreams Innovation Challenges for Adolescent Girls and young people Documentation

2017-18 International Mother Language Day Celebrations Documentation

2018 CHIPAWO Events and Christmas Show

2018-19 Culture Tourism and Capacity building for young people Documentation

2019 SAFE Festival- Southern African Festival for Children and Young People

2019 Stephen Chifunyise Memorial Show

2019 CHIPAWO Christmas Show “Reborn”

2020 Pal Project Story Telling Recordings

2020 Secrets Production Documentation

2020 “The New Dawn” Christmas Show

2020-21 CHIPAWO Online Events and Broadcasting during Covid-19 lockdown

2021 My Story Our Story Documentation

2021 African Culture Fund Online Production Live Streaming

2021 Day of the African Child Live Streaming

2021 Stephen Chifunyise Memorial Live Streaming

Ndeipi Gen’a

Ndeipi Gen’a is young people’s television  magazine  show. Our aim is to educate whilst  entertaining young people It was introduced in 2008 and up to now it is going stronger and stronger. Ndeipi Gen’a is broadcasted every Wednesday at 1600hrs by Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation  Television (ZBC TV). It has managed to capture the attention of not only young people across the country but every one because of its vibrancy.


Our goal as Ndeipi Gen’a is to reach out to every young person across the world . idea being to bring out different people of different cultures’ perspectives towards life. So far, Ndeipi Gen’a has been to New Delhi, Oxford, London, Maputo ,Denmark, Norway,Germany, Malawi, South Africa ,Namibia.,Uganda and Bostwana

Ndeipi Gen’a120% energy itori bhooo

Ndeipi Gen’a Presenters

tadiwaTadiwanashe Ashton Nyoni is a young boy aged thirteen; he is the eldest son in a family of two. Currently he is doing his form one at Kwayedza High School in Glenorah, Tadiwa is a Christian who goes to ZAOGA FIF , he enjoys playing basketball, swimming and reading. He fell in love with art at the age of five and joined CHIPAWO , there he was trained to dance, act and sing, NdeipiGena discovered Tadiwas passion as a presenter when they travelled to Germany for a Cultural Exchange Program so currently he is under training and mentorship as a professional TV Personality and public speaker at NdeipiGena CHIPAWO.






ethelEthel Mushambi is a ten year old little girl who is doing her grade 5 at Shiriyedenga Primary School in Glen Norah. She is the last born in a family of four, and goes to Methodist Church in Zimbabwe in Glen Norah. Ethel loves athletics, dancing, writing and eating. She joined CHIPAWO at the age of six and has learnt a lot, Ethel is a very eloquent speaker and was discovered by NdeipiGena.







tanyaTanya Charingira (Princess T) TV personality,actress,MC , I stay in Tynwald I love working with young people and bringing a smile to everyone I come across.  I am passionate about the arts and social work my biggest dream is to become a Tv presenter and was fortunate to have a starting step when I joined Chipawo Zimbabwe after my O level studies.  I got spot to be one of chipawo’s kids television show presenter( Ndeipi Gen’a)  ,which helped and groomed me to be more confident and boosted my self esteem spreading my wings further ,working with kids and artists all around the country has been and always amazing and had opened  plenty opportunities 123% all the way.