Chipawo World

CHIPAWO World is a children and young people’s arts education for development and employment initiative with a powerful capacity to effect change.

  • It is a child and youth development organization
  • Through the arts, media and other child and youth-friendly methodologies, it has the capacity to inform and effect behaviour and mindset change on issues such as health (HIV/AIDS, in particular), democracy, free expression, rights, gender, abuse, the law, climate change and poverty reduction
  •  It believes that children and young people have the greatest potential as agents for change and the best way to ensure that our efforts to develop a better world are successful is to work with children and young people.

CHIPAWO World is child-driven and open to all children, including disadvantaged children in urban and rural communities, AIDS orphans and the challenged – the deaf and the physically and mentally challenged.

CHIPAWO World has special and pioneering programmes for the Girl Child, youth, the disadvantaged and the challenged.

The CHIPAWO World development strategy stresses the need to create and enhance capacity for sustainability and self-sufficiency.