About Us

CHIPAWO Zimbabwe operates many different programmes. These are:

 1. Arts Education for Development and Employment

Arts Education for Development and Employment (AEDE) is CHIPAWO’s founding and central activity. In addition to music, dance and drama, the syllabus includes provision for education and action relating to child welfare, gender, HIV/AIDS and poverty reduction.

The Children’s Council

Children at CHIPAWO centres elect their representatives to the Children’s Council, which is in turn represented on the Board of Trustees.

  1. Performances

This programme offers performances of music, dance and drama, specialising in specially commissioned works for the corporate sector, United Nations organisations, embassies and NGOs.

    1. Youth

All graduates of CHIPAWO, who have left school, are eligible to apply for membership of the Youth Programme. The benefits include training, academic courses, performances, workshops and festivals, employment creation and poverty alleviation, and life skills, gender, human rights, leadership, HIV/AIDS workshops and/or courses.

The programme is governed by the Youth Council, which is represented on the Board of Trustees.

      1. Media

The Media Unit is responsible for media production, training and services. CHIPAWO has established the CHIPAWO Media Centre produces children’s television programmes and documentaries.

      1. Traditional music and musical instrument development

        The mandate of this unit is to train, research into and manufacture, repair and maintain traditional musical instruments, such as marimba (wooden xylophone), mbira (thumb piano), hosho (shakers) and ngoma (drums) as well as obsolescent musical instruments.