From the Children’s Council desk

Hie Guys!

Welcome to the Children’s Council Desk. The Children’s Council refers to representatives  that are selected from all CHIPAWO Centers in and out of Harare and their duty is to sit together and hold monthly meetings in line with what is taking place in the various CHIPAWO centers.

Our duty is thus to be the mediators between the CHIPAWO staff and also the Board for we are allowed to send representatives into the Board meetings whenever they are held. The aims of the Children’s Council is to make sure that CHIPAWO is run with the Children’s concerns and also to make sure that they get a chance to air their views or express their ideas within the business and activities of CHIPAWO.

I would also gladly like to state that we have made it our mandate that the CHIPAWO Children’s Council take active part in the organizing of CHIPAWO functions as well as to take active role in various capacities at the events so that any event becomes a success.

From the meetings that we have had so far, I am pleased to say that this year the Children’s Council is comprised of enthusiastic members who have great minds and can achieve a lot taking into consideration the issue of adequate resources and proper planning.

We have already played a big role in the last two events that CHIPAWO has already hosted this year and these are The International Mother Languages Day and The CHIPAWO play day. We are also hoping that the Time Out Camp will also see The Children’s Council making notable contributions that will create a lasting impression to anyone who will attend.

Look out for more From the Children’s Council Desk!

God Bless You ALL!!

Jillian MANGAVA (Chairperson)