SAFE Festival

SAFE Festival

CHIPAWO is celebrating three decades of its existence and the 3rd year of SAFE Festival – Southern African Festival for Children and young people . This year’s theme “TAKURA”, meaning we are all grown in English, is to celebrate the artistic works that the children and young people from Africa are producing and showcasing.

The theme is derived from the book written by the late Stephen Chifunyise in protecting our intangible Cultural heritage and the environment. This year’s edition will run from the 4thto the 7th of August 2022 at Theatre in Park, Harare Gardens, Harare, Zimbabwe with participants from Zambia, Botswana, Malawi and Namibia as well as CHIPAWO and local children and youth groups in Zimbabwe. The main goal is to create a creative space with different young minds honoring the works of the Late Stephen Chifunyise in producing poems, drama plays, musicals, dance from his collection of “TAKURA and the Talking Branches


  • To create a platform for the future Southern African leaders to appreciate their own origins as well as the diversity of the dynamic world.
  • To demonstrate the initiatives of the creative civil society in contributing to the building of the Southern African and in creating a viable and sustainable platform for intercultural dialogue.
  • To provide children and youth an opportunity of sharing ideas artistically.
  • To demonstrate the importance, use of culture in promoting African solidarity

CHIPAWO is therefore seeking your support/ partnership in raising funds for the festival to be a success. The children will need meals, accommodation, transportation and the festival will also need venue hire, media equipment and marketing and promotional material. The amount required is $8000 USD for the execution of the festival and accommodating our sister organizations.

Your support will be greatly appreciated.

#1) USD Account: 1130034135
#2) ZWL Account:1130034062

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