CHIPAWO onstage offers:

  • Music and dance performances of all kinds, including marimba and steel band by children of all ages and young people
  • Drama, particularly performances specially devised to meet your needs in terms theme or message.
  • Function conception, scripting and programming, design and décor, costumes and props, lighting , sound and video

CHIPAWO onstage specialises in:

  • Wide variety of traditional dance and music
  • Entertaining and effective commissioned plays on themes or messages as per your requirements
  • Music and dance of other African countries-Nigeria, Ghana, Lesotho, South Africa, East Africa, Mozambique etc
  • Modern Dance choreographies
  • Steel Band
  • Traditional rituals


  • Range from infants to youth
  • Perform for other children in schools and to adults at weddings, conferences, workshops, welcomes, concerts and festivals
  • Perform onstage and on television
  • Perform at festivals or tour internationally e.g. Kenya, South Africa, Mozambique, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Japan, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Norway



The children, who perform, receive a small token as pocket money and the other goes to their educational needs.

Out of school youth are professionals and they are paid rehearsal and performance fees.

After costs, the balance goes to the CHIPAWO Arts educations for Development and Employment Programme and the CHIPAWO Trust, thus benefiting all the children of CHIPAWO.


CHIPAWO  over the years have done performances in music, dance, drama for various organization’s such as

UNICEF , UNDP , UN WOMEN , UNFPA , NANGO , UNITED NATIONS , CATHOLIC RELIEF SERVICES, UNESCO , ILO , Child Protection Society  , WHO , Green World , HIVOS, Red Cross, SARDC, BRITISH Council,  Children First, MS Zimbabwe, Standard Chartered bank, Barclays Bank, Kingdom Bank, Unilever, National Foods, Law Society of Zimbabwe, BANCABC, DELTA, Indonesian Embassy, Norwegian Embassy, Cuban Embassy, Spain Embassy, Chinese Embassy, National Arts Council ,  Zimbabwe Tourism Authority, Ministry of sports arts and culture, National Aids Council, PSI, Women’s Law, University Of Zimbabwe,



Four youth have performed the water ceremony at Sardac, at the reception of the former Vice President of Tanzania. The youth performed traditional dances such as Jerusalem Mbende, and Mbakumba our own local based traditional dances and did a impressive water ceremony for the guest. CHIPAWO children and youth have been invited for water ceremonies at SARDAC for the past... read more

National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA 2016)

Every year, the National Arts Council, hosts the National Arts Merit Awards, in respect of the artists from various genres, who have succeeded in the previous year. CHIPAWO children have done it again as the year commences with a blast at the National Arts Merit Awards, 2016 rocking with this year’s theme, ‘Celebrating Zimbabwe Heritage’. 75 CHIPAWO children from various centres in and outside Harare performed the Opening Act, of NAMA and the exciting performance left the audience longing for more. It was an honor for children to participate at such a national event furthermore their Excellency being aired on national television. after the children’s’ performance , the father of the family “Uncle Steve” Mr. Stephen Chifunyise was greatly honored for a job well done for the past decades in the arts industry and he was awarded a special award for his excellency that everyone in the field of arts can tell, if his name is to be mentioned. Special thanks go to the National Arts Council, our Arts Educators and the parents who have made this event a... read more