Historical Background

CHIPAWO was founded in 1989 with the following objectives:

  • To ensure that our children know and appreciate our own culture – Zimbabwe, Southern Africa, Africa.
  • To ensure that through the arts our children learn, develop and grow up as balanced, harmonious, whole human beings who in turn help.
  • To make a balanced, harmonious, whole society.
  • To ensure that our children enrich and improve the performing arts of our country and in many cases find fulfilling employment in the arts and related fields.
  • To involve our children in a participator y, creative, learning process which is dynamic, gender sensitive and democratic and in which the child is at the centre and every child is precious – boy/girl, rich/poor, town/country, able/disabled Since then, in the spirit of the principles and in pursuit of the objectives briefly delineated above, it has developed its infrastructure and activities.