The Children Council

The Children’s Council came as a result of the need to make CHIPAWO Children’s voices heard and also that of wanting to strengthen the democratic practice in CHIPAWO. This is attained through realizing the following objectives;
• To influence programmes at centres, particularly to strengthen the creativity of children.
• To make the Children’s Council a formal organ in the organization structure of the CHIPAWO.
• To influence policies and decisions within all the CHIPAWO structures, including;
a) Having a Council representative on the Board of Trustees.
b) Having representative at all important decision making meetings of the Media Centre.
c) Being informed about the activities of Marimba Manufacturing Project and the
CHIPAWO Secretariat
• To take an active part in the planning and hosting of CHIPAWO events pertaining to youths, such as festivals.
• To maintain a strong interface between the Council and other stakeholders such as Arts
Educators, trustees and other youth organizations

The Children’s Council is constituted by representatives elected by and in each of the CHIPAWO Centres. The Council’s Executive Committee is constituted by the chairperson, the vice-chairperson, the secretary and three committee members