The Incubation: Early Theatre training workshop South Africa, Cape Town 2016

The manager Miss Chipo Basopo will be among other 7 participants from other Africa countries attending the early theatre training workshop from the 13th of March to 8th May 2016 with Magnet theatre supported by Goethe Institute. Magnet Theatre is an award winning physical theatre company that has been operating in and outside of South African for the past 28 years. CHIPAWO feels privileged and excited for Chipo’s participation in the programme as it will benefit and improve the organization’s theatre endeavors for children and youths in CHIPAWO and Zimbabwe as a... read more

Denmark Again

CHIPAWO youth Tinashe Chiku (Arts educator) and Eden Nyarirangwe (Projects officer) will be going to attend a Project Management Seminar taking place from 8-15 April 2016. The purpose of the Project Management Seminar is to provide Danish member organizations and their international partners with the opportunity to meet and together receive training in project management tools under the advice of Danish Youth Council (DUF) international consultants. The seminar is funded by DUF through the Danish Ministry Of Foreign Affairs. We wish all the best to Tinashe Chiku and Eden... read more

MY WORLD OUR PLANET- Canada here we come

CANADA here we come, great news indeed for the first time CHIPAWO children have been invited to attend 14th world festival of children’s theatre, Canada Toronto 2nd-14 June 2016. The 2016 Festival will welcome visitors from six continents: Africa – Uganda and Zimbabwe; Asia – Bangladesh, China, Indonesia and Palestine; Australia/Oceania – Australia; Europe – Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Estonia, Russia and Slovenia; North & Central America – Canada, El Salvador and United States; and South America – Colombia, Paraguay and Cuba Congratulation’s, what an exciting moment for the... read more

Mr Chifunyise wins NAMA Award

CHIPAWO children, staff, parents and partners would like to congratulate Mr. Stephen Chifunyise founder and Chairman of CHIPAWO for being awarded a special award at the recently held National Arts Merit Awards. Congratulations, Makorokoto, Amphlope read more