Ndeipi Gen’a

Ndeipi Gen’a is young people’s television  magazine  show. Our aim is to educate whilst  entertaining young people It was introduced in 2008 and up to now it is going stronger and stronger. Ndeipi Gen’a is broadcasted every Wednesday at 1600hrs by Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation  Television (ZBC TV). It has managed to capture the attention of not only young people across the country but every one because of its vibrancy.


Our goal as Ndeipi Gen’a is to reach out to every young person across the world . idea being to bring out different people of different cultures’ perspectives towards life. So far, Ndeipi Gen’a has been to New Delhi, Oxford, London, Maputo ,Denmark, Norway,Germany, Malawi, South Africa ,Namibia.,Uganda and Bostwana

Ndeipi Gen’a120% energy itori bhooo