CHIPAWO Trust Zimbabwe announces SAFE FESTIVAL 2019 for Children and young people in Harare, Zimbabwe. CHIPAWO Trust Zimbabwe call for performances for SAFE 2019 to be held in Harare, Zimbabwe from 8 to 12 August 2019. 

The deadline for applications is: 31 MARCH 2019 

CHIPAWO World (Children Performing Arts Workshop) has been involved in creative civil society in performing arts education since 2012. Through its Southern African based branches, CHIPAWO Zimbabwe, CHIPABO (Children Performing Arts Association of Botswana), CHIEZA ( Children Exposure in Zambia) and CHINAMIBIA Children of Namibia the non-profit making organisation has been hosting performing arts festivals in their countries with the active participation of each branch in another branches festival.

The cultures might be different but the culture of art knows no boundaries. It is the beauty of diversity that produces well organised and enriching festivals to most importantly the children and society at large. CHIPAWO Zimbabwe was established in September 1989 and will be celebrating 30 years of its existing.

The main objectives of SAFE are as follows:

  • To create a platform for the future Southern African  leaders to appreciate their own origins as well as the diversity of the dynamic world
  • To demonstrate the initiatives of the creative civil society in contributing to the building of the Southern African  and in creating a viable and sustainable platform for intercultural dialogue
  • To provide children and youth’s an opportunity of sharing ideas artistically on how to achieve the development objectives of the Southern Africa 
  • To demonstrate the importance use of culture in promoting  African solidarity

SAFE Festival is looking for 30 performances for a 30 years arts organisation –with the theme: “WE MADE IT”. SAFE is inviting various children and young people performing arts companies and groupies in poetry, dance, theatre, music, visual arts, storytelling and puppetry to apply. 

The call is open to any groups/Companies/ organisations working with children in AFRICA and guest International groups are welcome to apply. Productions selected will be based on the following: 


  • Rich, originality, creative productions of 30 minutes only. 
  • Performances performed by children only “NO ADULTS ONSTAGE”  between the ages of 10-25 years with a number of only 12 children participating. 
  • Productions should be in line with the festival theme directly or indirectly
  • Performance that’s demonstrate the importance use of culture in promoting African solidarity

Visual Artist:  We need brilliant ideas to build up a team of volunteers who can 

  •  Bring in ideas of setting up the venue based on the theme and CHIPAWO @ 30 years 
  • Creating a workshop with each country  to put up a piece which they will display at the end of the festival 
  • Create SAFE visual arts team for all festivals to come 

Performing Arts Educators Network

  •  Workshop which will be conducted 3 days before the festival and is open call to any African country who would want to be part of the network which will go on to observe the 3 day festival

The festival will provide the following: 

  • Airport shuttle to and fro and local transport during the festival 
  • Accommodation and meals during the festival 
  • Festival package kit 
  • Access to all performances 

Note:All participants will borne their air tickets/ bus tickets to the festival in Zimbabwe. NO PERFORMANCE FEE WILL BE PAID 


The deadline for applications is: 31 March 2019

Enquiries contact Chipo Basopo, Festival Director: +263 776 728 780/772 968 685 

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