THE KEY – Theatre Play Review

THE KEY – Theatre Play Review

This play is a wholly new production from New Horizon Theatre Company, part of the world-famous CHIPAWO Trust of Zimbabwe. The story takes a look at the modern day girl child’s struggles to find her space and place in a world that is busy trying to control her. Brilliantly co-written and directed by seasoned theatre practitioner Chipo Basopo and advertising copy writer and part-time playwright, Ronald “The Wordsmith” Chindungwe, this is a thought provoking story that swings, sways, rocks, and indulges all your senses.

As a two act play, a lot rests on the actresses to keep the interest of the audience and the two young women don’t disappoint. Their delivery is on point. There is plenty of light hearted moments and for those who love music, well you will be singing along at the end of the play. The two young actresses, Gamuchirai Mukwakwami and Nicole Ruzive, are clearly talented stage actors with potential to scale dizzy heights in the world of professional theatre, with more productions. The two vividly bring the play to life and one cannot help but feel transformed into another world through their tight delivery and chemistry on stage.


The play centres on Fadzai, a young girl who has just turned twenty one and is enrolled in university doing a degree programme she doesn’t like.  She finds herself questioning all that she has known, from birth till this stage, trying to find meaning and purpose of her life. She starts probing and asking herself hard questions. Will she find answers? What does she need to do to live the life she wants?


This is a story that has universal appeal, tackling a subject that affects all young adults in rich or poor, developed or developing countries. The play cleverly mixes different theatre art forms, from physical to dance, music and speech. This a must watch for both old and new theatre lovers. Don’t go and watch the play alone, bring a friend or the whole family, as you will love it.


The Key was first performed at HIFA 2018 (Harare International Festival of the Arts).  Its next regional performance is at the Ubumuntu Festival in Rwanda in July 2018. There are many other shows lined up for the play in schools, universities and neighbouring countries.

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