Proud Chipawo Child – Girl Power – Anesu Cheryl Chinembiri

Anesu Cheryl Chinembiri is my name. I’m a young lady aged 21. CHIPAWO as an organization that has been working with children and young people for the past 25 years has been involved in many International festivals as well as exchange programmes. I was fortunate enough to attend a carnival that was held in Zambia and I felt honored as I had the opportunity to share the same stage with Dendera Kings including Sulumani Chimbetu himself.

Chipawo as an ARTS EDUCATION FOR DEVELOPMENT AND EMPLOYMENT TRUST has greatly contributed to what I am today in terms of good leadership skills, communicationskills, confidence as well as being focused. This has greatly impacted on my Insurance and Risk Management career which I’m currently studying at the Midlands State University. I have been in CHIPAWO for the past 9 years and I strongly encourage young people to join CHIPAWO especially the Girl Child so that they also get equipped and develop their desirable careers.

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