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CHIPAWO is a non-profit-making Trust, registered. with the Deeds Office and the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe  The Trust has also established ‘Companies of the Trust’ or ‘business units’ whose function is to strive to sustain the Trust and its activities in pursuit of its Mission.



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Latest News

Celebrating the World Theatre Day Week – National Event

20th of March is World Theatre day for children and young people and is celebrated in more than 80 countries which are members of the International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People (ASSITEJ). As CHIPAWO continues to strive in elevating the position of children’s theatre, it celebrates the day under the theme, “Take a Child to the Theatre”. The day has been set as a National Theatre week by National Arts Council of Zimbabwe from the 20th – 27th of March 2018 with many theatre events organized all around Zimbabwe by different theatre organizations.  In Harare the week is being celebrated in collaboration with CHIPAWO, ITI Zimbabwe, Theatre in the park, University of Zimbabwe and ASSITEJ Zimbabwe. The National Arts Council of Zimbabwe facilitated the creation of a taskforce which has been working towards the celebrations with Wadzanai Chiuriri leading the World Poetry Day which is on the 21st of March 2018, Chipo Basopo CHIPAWO- World theatre day for children and young people and Lloyd Nyikadzino working with University of Zimbabwe working for world theatre day for professionals. 24th of March the children from various schools and CHIPAWO centers will gather at Theatre in the park, Harare Gardens from 9am to 3pm presenting 20 organizations/ schools/clubs with 20 theatre productions by children and young people. One this day the children will show their love for theatre as well as how organizations, drama clubs are acquiring different theatre skills. Having children engage in theatre is a good way of enabling the children to communicate with each, to exchange views and experiences. The world theatre day for children and... read more

Message from Yvette Hardie- The President of ASSITEJ

“Take a child to the theatre today! Or Take theatre to the child? Are they equally valid? This year we have two world day message writers – one from the USA and one from Syria – which represents these two points of view speaking from starkly different realities. #Take a child to the theatre has been our rallying cry since 2012 as we celebrate the World Day of Theatre for Children and Young People every 20th March and reaffirm our commitment to every child’s right to artistic experiences created especially for them. This year I would like to argue that it’s reverse is often more justified and equally as important. When we consider the millions of children who do not live within the easy reach of a theatre building (especially one designed for them and their needs), we must as artists expand our notions of what theatre can be if we truly believe in the arts as a basic human right. Of course this idea is not new in the history of theatre, but somehow the distinctions of formal vs. informal still seems to pervade our value systems and our notions of quality when we talk about theatre for young audiences. The rough magic that can transform a dusty playground, or a township hall, a school classroom, or a refugee compound, is often what is most needed – not just because it is more practical and economical to meet children in their everyday circumstances, but also, more profoundly, because it IS magic. Theatre is always about transformation. Its capacity to transform a space of ordinariness and even crisis, into... read more


CHIPAWO celebrated the International Mother Language day at theatre in the park, Harare Gardens. An event which was supported by UNESCO and UNIC with the major highlight of a Shona theatre production “Tichatongwa” performed by CHIPAWO youths. Another event by children where they appreciated their local languages and moreover learning other languages. Theme of the year  “Preserving linguistic Diversity and Promoting Multilingualism to support the SDG”... read more

Director’s seminar

Director’s seminar- CHIPAWO manager –Chipo Basopo attended and participated in the Directors seminar in Oldenburg Germany among other 25 director’s from around the world. The seminar was organised by ASSITEJ Germany. Tanya Charingira, under CHIPAWO youth programme participated in the Next Generation as a volunteer at the 19th ASSITEJ World Congress and performing arts festival for children and young people, in Cape Town South Africa. She also together with Chipo Basopo   toured with “Sandscape” production which is a collaboration between Zimbabwe and Nigeria for early year’s theatre for young audiences between the ages 2-7 years old. She also went to Rwanda and Angola for the same performance under Goethe Institute, South... read more