CHIPAWO Trust revitalizes Creative Life for Children and Young People

CHIPAWO Trust revitalizes Creative Life for Children and Young People

CHIPAWO Trust embarked on an African Culture Fund (AFC) sponsored Project which was themed “Revitalizing the creative Life for Children and Young people.” The project’s main goal was to bring to light issues affecting children and young people in Zimbabwe i.e. drug abuse, depression, teenage pregnancy, early child marriage, bullying and discrimination. These issues were brought out by the children of CHIPAWO in four different performances that were scripted, developed, choreographed and performed by CHIPAWO children arts educators.

These plays include We Miss CHIPAWO, Maimbodeyi, Peace and Peace Always and Wounds. The plays shed light on the upkeep of the African girl child in Maimbodeyi and the struggles she is facing in Wounds, We Miss CHIPAWO showcases how COVID-19 induced lockdowns affected the children as they were forced to adapt to living at home 24/7 and we get an insight of what bullying is and how it’s happening in different schools in Peace and Peace always.

These performances have facilitated inclusive participation of children and young people, closed the dormant skills use by the upcoming talented creatives, who are a new crop of talent for the creative sector. And enhancement of the career path development for the children who have been entangled in related dynamics of social and home conflicts that were experienced due to the stresses that relate to the global pandemic.

The shows were recorded, marketed, streamed on CHIPAWO social media handles, Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) and performed for an audience at Jasen Mphepo Little theatre. CHIPAWO appreciates Theatre in the Park for providing CHIPAWO children with a safe rehearsal space.

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