Promoting disability inclusion of children through creative and artistic expressions

Press Release  

UNICEF Zimbabwe in partnership with the Children’s Performing Arts Workshop (CHIPAWO Trust)  with funding from the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD) are collaborating in  establishing awareness platforms for children with disabilities as part of promoting their inclusive participation in creative and artistic expression.

Under a campaign “My Story, Our Story” commencing from October to December 2021, CHIPAWO will be using multimedia to amplify voices of children with disabilities focusing on their rights and raising awareness on disability inclusion.

The campaign will pilot in Harare, Hwange and Masvingo.

In a statement CHIPAWO said: “The platforms to be created are meant to raise awareness and make communities, families and policy-makers understand the hidden creative talents and the  potential that children with disabilities have.”

 CHIPAWO will also be working with mid-career and professional youths with disabilities to reflect on diverse challenges and limitations which they overcame . The campaign will also make use of digital technology to capture and disseminate children’s voices which are expected to be distributed through mainstream media. 

 “Engagement will be appropriated through mentorship based training using peer young arts educators that  we have trained over the years with our Pedagogy for arts education, ”stated CHIPAWO  

The campaign is expected to inspire children with disabilities and promote all children’s rights and their participation in cultural life. 

In Matabeleland North (Hwange), CHIPAWO will be working closely with Shangano Arts Festival  who work with marginalized children surrounding the mining communities of Hwange who represent minority cultures of Nambya and BaTonga. CHIPAWO will be also working with  Kapota School in Masvingo and St Giles and Emerald hill in Harare.

UNICEF has been supporting children with disabilities in various other ways including most recently supporting the development of the National Disability Policy under the Spotlight Initiative.


 CHIPO Basopo


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